10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe

I finished Larry Osborne's 10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe on the airplane last week.
My initial response to the title was, "That's pretty bold and/or arrogant."
Now, I've met Larry personally. He's a good man, and doesn't strike me as arrogant at all -- so I settled for "That's pretty bold!" At least he uses lessens the sting by using the word, "smart."
In this book, Larry writes about various spiritual "Urban Legends" that, if left unchecked, can harm people in their spiritual journey. Most of these issues are reflect TRUTHS that are taken too far or misunderstood:
1) Faith Can Fix Anything
2) Forgiving Means Forgetting
3) A Godly Home Guarantees Godly Kids
4) God Has a Blueprint for My Life
5) Christians Shouldn't Judge
6) Everything Happens for a Reason
7) Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
8) God Brings Good Luck
9) A Valley Means a Wrong Turn
10) Dead People Go to a Better Place
My favorite take-home point was from #4. Larry says, "It's not a Blueprint -- It's a Game Plan." I like that. It's liberating for people who have made some bad decisions early in life. God can rectify what people have wrecked!
This would be a great guide for small group discussion, helping people to really think about what they believe and why.


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