Back Roads

What a joy to have Adam (our oldest son) and Allegra (our lovely daughter-in-law) with us this weekend!

We went to Backroads Coffee Shop this morning -- and then took a back roads scenic "long cut" home! We saw a flock of Canadian geese, a momma wood duck with her ducklings, and a baby loon. It was awesome - and we would have missed the whole show if we had staid on the main roads.

That's the way life is -- the best treasures are nestled away where the paths are unworn.

Adam has a new blog! Pay him a visit here.


Keetha said…
I'm curious - - - what "long cut" did you take?

I have GREAT childhood memories of Sunday Afternoon "rides" out to the Nelson Flowage to see how much wildlife we could spot.
mark o wilson said…
Highway T winding by Smith Lake to Nelson Lake and then cutting across a logging road.
Keetha said…
Hmmmm - - - maybe that was our Sunday afternoon ride. :-)

I do have LOTS of logging and fire trail stories to tell - - - - -

Maybe that would be good fodder for my OWN blog.

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