Clutter Free Christianity

Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas, has written an inspiring new book, Clutter-Free Christianity.

With an engaging and humorous style, Jeffress goes right to the heart of what it means to please God. So often, our lives are overflowing with a thousand different things. We become distracted by many demands clamouring for our attention.

Even as ministers of God's peace, we can find ourselves too busy to fully experience it. We end up being too busy and resenting the intrusions.

That's not God's best for us. Jesus said, "only one thing is needful."

Clutter-Free Christianity reminds us of that "one thing." It's a matter of the HEART!

From time to time, we need a de-cluttering -- a good "Spring Cleaning of the Heart!

Reading this book was a soul cleansing experience for me. I felt like I was sitting at the feet of a wise and godly father, receiving deep (but simple) spiritual truths. It helped me slow down a bit and catch my breath.

The big question isn't "what's happening" -- but rather "what's happening inside me?" How have I allowed other things to distract me from my primary purpose?

Jeffress speaks candidly about such issues as forgiveness (his best chapter, I think), trust, contentment, prayer, and service.

This book is especially helpful for people who are swamped and stressed (maybe with church activities!!) It's for the person who knows life is whirling too fast and needs to slow it down.


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