Earth Day Give-Away

I am going to give away a free copy of Michael Abbate's Gardening Eden (see last post)

Here's how we're going to do it. For the next 26 hours, I'll be collecting names -- you can submit your name in one of two ways:
1) Leave a comment here at the blog with your name and town.
2) e-mail me at with "Eden" in your subject line. I will need your name and town.

At 8:00 AM tomorrow (Thursday the 23rd), I will put all the names in a hat - and pull out the winner!


Joy Ziegler said…
Pick me! Pick me! lol

Joy Ziegler of Traverse City, MI
Josh said…
I'll throw my name in to this hat.

I'd also commend to y'all Steven Bouma-Prediger's book, For the Beauty of the Earth - very good book concerning a Christian ethic of creation care.

Josh Cooper of Zeeland, MI
Dale Argot said…
I'm in as well

Dale Argot - Martinsville, VA
Anonymous said…
I was hoping for soemthing more green ($$$$$$) for Earth day!!

Jonathan Wilson - Marengo, Ohio

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