Experience the Treasure

It was truly a delight to recently discover Experiencing the Spirit written by Henry Blackaby and his son, Mel.

In a soul-gripping manner, these two godly men call us to a deeper walk with the Lord, and challenge our spiritual mediocry with this simple concept: Repent, Trust, Obey and Be Filled With the Holy Spirit!

As I was reading this book, it seemed to be reading me!

What a delightful treasure! Books like this don't come around very often. Experiencing the Spirit ranks right up there with my other spiritual "meat and potatoes" books -- such as Andrew Murray, Hannah Whitehall Smith, Wesley Duewel, Bounds, Tozer, and Brengle. (Most of those are more a hundred years old -- how exciting to find a fresh expression of the same thing!!)

Speaking of treasure, if you haven't read Randy Alcorn's little book, The Treasure Principle, There's a recently revised edition available with a profound concluding chapter: 31 Radical, Liberating Questions to Ask God About Your Giving.

This is an outstanding resource for pastors and churches, particularly during these troubled economic times. Alcorn shows us how to keep a proper and healthy perspective about our "stuff." "You can't take it with you -- but you can send it on ahead!"

The Treasure Principle is the best book on financial stewardship I've ever read. A couple of years ago, it inspired the best sermon on possessions and giving that I've ever preached.

Both books can be ordered here.


Jerry Johnson said…
Thanks Pastor Mark for your regular book recommendation list. I ordered 3 of them this morning! Your blog is a daily must reading for me.

Jerry from NC
Anonymous said…
I'm going through a period of questioning where my tithe should go. My 10 percent annual tithe would pay for 2 to 3 days budgeted expenses out of 365 at my local church. And that doesn't include missions. That would be above my 10 percent. Would God be disappointed in me if I instead paid a poor widow's rent for 8-9 months out of a year? Or if I paid most of a struggling family's grocery bills for a year? Sometimes I feel the budgets in churches could be altered to do more good for more people. I'm praying God gives me an answer to my questions.
Matt Aukerman said…
Randy Alcorn's longer treatise on finances--Money, Possessions, and Eternity--is also excellent!
Anonymous said…


Take care of the poor, needy, widows?

Or replace still good carpeting because one of the self-proclaimed leaders of the church does not like the color anymore, even though they were on the committee that picked it out 2 years ago?

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