Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Person Narrative

Today, I gave a "First Person Narrative" sermon.

I had been planning to preach on Peter and the two miraculous catches of fish (John 21 and Luke 5.) Early this morning, as I was giving my last "go-over", an idea popped into my mind.

Instead of just TELLING the sermon, why not BE the sermon? Rather than talking ABOUT Peter and the big catches of fish, what if I BECAME Peter and shared these stories First-Hand??

So, I took the risk, drove home quickly and grabbed my fishing hat, pole, net and tackle box -- for visual effects.

I've heard about this kind of preaching, but have never personally tried it. I think it went pretty well. The people were engaged, the message came through, and the text spoke for itself.

Cathy overheard a little fellow whisper to his mother, "They ought to put that story in a book!"


Keetha said...

Good for you. I've seen similar things done - - - only in Bible times costume - - - I thought it was very effective.

Anonymous said...

You hit it out of the park! Thanks so much. You are a blessing to our church!