Gardening Eden

In honor of Earth Day, I'd like to recommend Gardening Eden by Michael Abbate'. It's a compelling call to be better stewards of the earth (or The Garden.)

Living in the Wisconsin northwoods, I am privileged to see the splendor of creation every day. When I go into the woods, I find it easier to hear from heaven. By the river side, my soul finds peace. My heart goes out to the city folks who are surrounded by asphalt. Where can they go to experience such re-creation?

God made our beautiful earth for us and need to take better care of it!

Abbate' presents a clear biblical case for Creation Care. He sounds like a normal guy-- not like some weird environmental activist. It just makes good common sense!

In the second half of the book, he lists 50 practical tips for conserving energy and other simple lifestyle solutions. These tips will help you be a part of the solution rather than the problem -- and will save some serious cash as well!

Download first chapter here

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Anonymous said…
environmental activists are not weird!
Mark O Wilson said…
oops -- I guess I misworded that. Some environmental activists are weird -- but certainly not all :)
Anonymous said…
Hug a logger you will never go back to hugging trees.

Jonathan Wilson :)

Not that I have ever hugged a logger or a tree.

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