Leading in a Small Town

Gary Lamb, lead pastor of Revolution Church in Canton, Georgia, writes about life as a small town pastor at The Sticks Blog:

In a smaller town if your church starts growing and impacting the community EVERYONE knows you. I didn't say everyone likes you but everyone does you! It can make a simple task like going to the store for a gallon of milk a big deal.

It can make something as relaxing by taking your family out to eat and turning into a non-stop counseling session because everyone in the restaurant knows you and just needs a "couple of minutes" of your time. Lose your temper and make jerk of yourself? Yep, it becomes town gossip. Gotta make a tough decision? Trust me, it will be the topic of discussion the next morning as the old men gather at the same diner everyone morning. That's life leading in a small town.

(I can relate to that!!)


Anonymous said…
I guess what could be worse would be ministering in a small town and very few knowing you. And those that did chose not to speak to you.

If you live what you preach, you can have a powerful positive impact on a small town.

If you do not live what you preach, you will have an even more powerful impact on the small community.
Anonymous said…
As a pastor's wife sometimes an uninterrupted would be nice as well.

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