A Note Regarding My Previous Post

I had the privilege of recently reading the two books summarized in my last post. At first glance, they appear to be "chick books", and I wasn't so sure I wanted to read them. . . but once I dove into the lake, I discovered that the water was just fine!

Aurora is the true story of a religous colony established in Oregon in the 1800's. Jane Kirkpatrick made these people of the past come alive with her vivid writing, as well as weaving in historical pictures and crafts.

I had never thought of crafting as journaling -- but that's what it is. . . at least in some cases. She showed quilts, for instance, that told a woman's story -- of joy, heartache, longing and hope.

I will never look at an old quilt the same way again -- and I have a new respect for the craft.

During the journaling class I taught last week, I spoke of "crafting as journaling" and especially focused on quilting. I used the Aurora book as an example of what I meant.

A Flickering Light is fiction based on true experience. It reminded me how deceitful our hearts and minds can be. The main character of the story is like a moth flying too close to a flame -- and there were lots of nuances and justifications which made things fuzzy -- like shadows. My take-home point is that we can talk ourselves into (or out of) just about anything and say that it's ok -- when, in reality, it's not.


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