Pray for Dave and Mary Lou

Please pray for Dave & Mary Lou Stevens, the beloved cooks for all our FLAME (non-traditional ministerial preparation) Courses. They were in the middle of a FLAME in Stroudsburg, PA, when Dave became seriously ill, and was hospitalized in a local hospital.

Please pray for the volunteers who jumped in as substitue cooks -- and pray also that their culinary offerings will not lead to indigestion. (just jesting about the indigestion! I know you guys will do do great. The Lord can work miracles, and the director, Wayne Richards is truly grateful for your willing spirits!)


Jerry Johnson said…
Dave is one of the greatest people I know. Every time I've gone to FLAME, he comes to me (and all the other students) and gives us a big-ole bear hug. Everything is genuine with Dave. He makes you feel like you're the most special person in the world. If every Christian loved like Dave, there wouldn't be enough churches to hold people. My prayers are certainly with Dave, Mary Lou, and the volunteers who have stepped up to help out.

Jerry from NC
kerry said…
Mark, thanks so much for putting up the picture and prayer request. I can report that Dave passed the stress test with flying colors this afternoon---no heart problem---and that was the big concern. We're not sure when he'll be released.
Anonymous said…
Just received word from Wayne that Dave received a clean bill of health from the doctors in PA.  He is back to FLAME and his passion for service for the students.  Dennis Kinser
mark o wilson said…
and all the students REJOICED

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