Religion in America

According to a Newsweek poll of 1,003 adults, released April 7, less than half (48 percent) believe religion can answer all or most of today's problems. The percentage is the lowest number Newsweek has recorded since it began polling Americans on that issue in 1957 (when 82 percent believed religion could answer the problems of that time).

Also, 68 percent of Americans think religion is losing influence on American life, up from 62 percent in 2007 and 46 percent in 2005. And 81 percent say that's a "bad thing."

from The Christian Post


Pastor Al said…
Hey Mark...

Looks like we need to roll up our sleeves are start relating in our community for Christ.
njc said…
Maybe it's just the way the question is phrased....I'm not sure how I would answer that! After all, you could also say that religion CAUSES all or most of today's (and yesterday's) problems, couldn't you?
Anonymous said…

yes you could

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