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15 Reasons Why First Time Guests May Not Return


Anonymous said…
These are not only good reasons as to why visitors do not return. They are even better reasons as to why people are leaving. There is no Christian attitude present. So many of our shrinking churches are only interested in the few main members who are in control. In fact our failing churches are no longer Churches of God, they have become small social groups to only benefit the 2-3 families in control.
Anonymous said…
I believe this should be titled 15 Excuses Why First Time Guest May Not Return.

It seems to me that people can find any reason at all why not to attend a Church.

You see people in other countries that go through HELL just to worship I bet they are not complaining about who is greeting them. They are there to WORSHIP their GOD!!!

I do think a Church should be a friendly and inviting place but I get tired of having to babysit and pamper adults.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous #2

You are so right! And I am also so sick of babysitting and pampering our church leaders who make all kinds of excuses for their actions! They should be there to WORSHIP GOD!!! NOT control their little empire.
Anonymous #3

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