Fred Stoeker (best-selling author of Every Man's Battle) and his son, Jason, have written a powerful book together called, Hero: Becoming the Man She Desires.
It's a clarion call for young men to stand strong and pure in the power of God and resist the flood of immorality pervading our culture.

In a clear, compelling and "tell it like it is" manner, the Stoekers lay out a path of purity for young men, which, if followed, will spare them a lifetime of heartache and regret -- to be HEROIC in their relationships with women and to BE a Christian rather than just SEEM like one.

Too many young Christian men are saturated (bloated) with the popular culture, and thus, find themselves in an anemic spiritual condition. For instance, Jasen points out that you can tell a lot about a person's soul by looking at their Facebook profile.

Our commitment to Christ should impact ALL the areas of our lives.

Hero is a tremendous read, and a much needed voice for the rising generation in these troubling times.


Dave Q said…
That sounds good Mark as I have read Every Man's Battle.
I also liked the line "you can tell a lot about a person's soul by looking at their Facebook profile". I am going to check mine out with new eyes :-)

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