Strawberry Girl

The day before yesterday, I had the privilege of greeting the newest member of our church family, Ode'iminikwe Charlotte Leach, the infant daughter of Cameron and Tiffany Leach (and direct descendent of the mighty Chief Buffalo.)

I was honored to hold this precious little one in my arms and speak a blessing over her.

Ode'iminikwe is the Ojibwe name for "Strawberry Girl" -- or more literally, "Heart-Berry Girl." Here's her picture!

My prayer is that she will always have a sweet heart for Jesus!

Yesterday, the oldest member of our congregation, Florence Farnsworth, passed away. She was 95, and had been suffering long with ahzheimer's. Even as her memory faded, Florence's loving heart continued to blossom. She, too, was truly a "Heart-Berry Girl."


Anonymous said…
What a touching photo. Welcome Heart-Berry Girl!

Just wanted to say thank-you for the 2 books you sent. They made for a sweet hour of reading a couple of nights before dozing off. I have already passed them on for others to enjoy.

I loved this author. He said in a few words what many cannot get across in many words. Just the way a preacher should be. And the way I strive to be in all my lectures.

Linda Weaver Wilson
Keetha said…
Could you give us a phonetic of that Ojibwa name?
mark o wilson said…
I can say it -- but I can't write it!

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