Brothers from Cuba

Pastor Jon, of North Park Wesleyan Church (in Cuba, NY) and Mel (a key leader in their congregation) came to Hayward this week to learn from us. They've been following me around the last couple of days -- meeting with leaders, attending committee meetings and groups -- observing how we attempt to do effective ministry in a small town.

I'm utterly amazed that would want to do that. For instance, they attended our Stewardship Committee meeting yesterday afternoon by choice!

They're meeting with the Paint Daubers this morning, as well as our church planter (Ben) in Minong. That's sure to bless their socks off!

One encouragement for our brothers from Cuba, is that they are discovering we are very ordinary. God uses regular, ordinary people.

Earlier in the week, when I explained to Cathy that brothers from Cuba, NY were coming to visit me, she didn't hear the NY part of it and asked, "Do they speak English?"


Keetha Broyles said…
Do people from New York speak English????

Oh I kid.
Jon Ward said…
We speak a mangled form of it out here :)

I am actually a North Carolinian transplant to New my English is very suspect.

Mel and I had a wonderful time (apart from my having pneumonia while I was there - finally feeling better now), and we learned a lot. I am currently working on our report to our Board and for Pastor Mark; but a couple of the main take-aways were:
1. Fun is important.
2. Delegation drafts others into the ministry
3. Focus on opportunities not obstacles
4. be an encourager
5. sub-committees multiply influence on the board, they don't diminish it.
6. always love people
7. always do the right thing
8. #6 and #7 are often difficult to do together; but always rewarding

thank to Mark for allowing us to "stalk" him for a week!

In Christ,

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