A Couple of Good Books

I recently finished reading The Disappearance of God by Al Mohler (President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville.) It was a powerful and convicting read.

Dr. Mohler raises a clarion call for the evangelical world -- Wake up! There's danger ahead!

His concern is that evangelicals are tossing aside essential doctrines of the faith in their quest for a more "generous orthodoxy." He reminds us that we should be in the business of transforming culture rather than being absorbed by it. (or as Tullian Tchividjian says, "Contextualize without Compromise!")

I especially appreciated Mohler's perspetive on three theological circles: (This is my description -- and not his wording)

Level 1: Essential Core Beliefs
Level 2: Doctrinal Distinctives (i.e. the difference between Baptist, Lutherans, Presbyterians and Pentecostals)
Level 3: Personal Preferences and Opinions.

Mohler says that the error of the fundamentalists is that they make Level 3 issues Level 1 issues.
On the other hand, the error of the liberals (and some from the emergent camp) is that they consider Level 1 issues Level 3 issues -- for them, there is no Level 1. Everything is Level 3.

Another good book I'd suggest is Eyes Wide Open by Jud Wilhite (Senior Pastor of Central Christian Church in Las Vegas.)

In a clear and compelling manner, Wilhite invites you to discover the REAL you! (The worst case of identity theft is when satan steals your identity -- and fills your mind with all kinds of lies about yourself.)

He also reminds us that change really is possible with God's power.
I had it all backwards. The main thing was not my love for God, but his love for me. And from that love I respond to God as one deeply flawed, yet loved. I’m not looking to prove my worth. I’m not searching for acceptance. I’m living out of the worth God already declares I have. I’m embracing his view of me and in the process discovering the person he created me to be.
Good sermon ammo in both these books! Preach it good!


Kevin Murrell said…
Sounds to me to be the truth. Two weeks ago spoke about Dogma, Doctrine and Difference of Opinion; Basic beliefs that are the truth and we will not back down from it, those beliefs that we may not see eye to eye on but don't seperate us from the church of God, and our own opinions. I believe we should understand those three levels, however, as you highlight, today we need to understand some are struggling with what goes in what level, if there is any levels. Thanks for putting it out there for thought.

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