A Double Blessing

Congratulations to my friend, Candice LaFontaine, who gave birth Tuesday to two precious little girls: Candice Rain Wildflower and Johnni Jo Oak.

Their daddy, John, was a good and godly young man, who went home to be with Jesus just a couple of months ago on Good Friday.

One thing is certain -- their daddy left a beautiful legacy, and his prayers and love will be with them forever.

They also have a wonderful mother, who is truly gifted with an extra measure of faith and grace. I know that the Lord will overshadow her as she raises these little ones.

Please pray that God will pour out abundant blessings upon Candice and her daughters.


Keetha Broyles said…
Those babies are absolutely precious. Do they have Native American heritage - - - because their names make me think they do.
Mark O. Wilson said…
They sure are. Candice is a tribal member of LCO, and her mother is on the Tribal Council

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