"There are three things that happen when you get old," I once heard a gentleman say, "The first one is a loss of memory - and I can't recall the other two!" Forgetting things can be rather frustrating. All of us know the stress of attempting to pull a lost memory from the dark, cobwebbed corners of the mind.

Some people are more forgetful than others. I hate to admit it, but I'm a member of the "forgetful club." We've organized "Forgetters Anonymous" - but nobody remembers to go to the meetings!

Fortunately, I haven't forgotten too many earth shattering things along the way. Probably the worst one was when I forgot to show up for a funeral I was supposed to conduct. I remembered an hour and a half too late. Fortunately, they had a beloved aunt who was willing to step in and give the eulogy. I apologized all over the place, and they forgave me.

Once, I forgot a baptism I was supposed to perform – and there have been a few times over the years when I forgot to write my column for the newspaper. Once, I forgot to take the offering at church! I was finishing the service with a benediction, when the ushers finally caught my attention by waving the offering plates like crazy. (Whew, that was a close one!)

So far, I've done pretty well remembering most of the important stuff like my wife's birthday, our anniversary, weddings, funerals (with the one exception), Christmas and Packer games. Actually, forgetting isn't as bad as it's cracked up to be. Sometimes, it's better to forget than to remember.

It's better to forget the hurt someone has caused you.
It's better to forget to "rub it in" when you were right.
It's better to forget what others "owe" you.
It's better to forget the minor annoyances - the bugs on life's windshield.
It's better to forget your failures, your past sins, and your losses.
It's better to forget to toot your own horn.
It's better to forget your resentment and disappointment.
It's better to forget to complain.

In this regard, forgetting is pretty good medicine for the soul.

"Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead, I press on toward the goal towin the prize. ." Phil. 3:13


Dave Q said…
Thanks Mark. i really enjoyed that.

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