More Than Dust

My favorite poet, Naomi Cochran, wrote this poem based on the passage of Scripture (Rev. 3) I used in the sermon last Sunday. She shared it in the services, and the people were really moved by it.
Thanks Naomi!

I was breathed into existence
by God himself,
exhaled from the All into this one vessel,
a temple, a life,
God's fullness contained in me.

God's fullness contained in me,
imperfect, weak,
inhaling dust from the nothingness of want,
my body a vacuum,
my fullness emptied of God.

My fullness emptied of God,
yet glowing, strong,
I work, I live, I give, I have it all,
though all is lost,
my solitude my soul's decay.

My solitude my soul's decay,
yet God himself
breathes into me, reforms, refills, exhales the dust,
his temple cleansed,
till I, unchained, exist in him.

Till I, unchained, exist in him
as more than dust,
or soulless flesh: and I, his child, his hands, his love,
link one to One,
an unbroken chain of brokenness.


Steve Gerich said…
Sure like the last line.

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