Thank God it's Monday

Monday is my "Day Off" and I love it!

The whole week ramps up to Sunday -- with everything building towards the worship service. This weekend, I had a funeral and a wedding, on top of all my other duties and responsibilities. So, my Monday was extra sweet today! (Don't get me wrong. I love Sundays -- but it's nice to have the recharge day.)

I read a little -- wrote in my journal -- watched some talking heads on tv -- facebooked -- did some yard work -- planted flowers and jalapenos -- went to the store -- grilled pork chops for lunch -- took Luke and Wes to see the movie, "Up" -- and went fishing. (Caught some nice bass and a couple of less impressive fish.)


Keetha Broyles said…
Hmmmm - - - is writing in your journal important to you??? I'm just guessing from your very subtle little clue.
Sue Schweickert said…
I am impressed. More that I could get done in one day.
Steve Gerich said…
I went to see "UP" too. Lots of good stuff in it.
Nellie Dee said…
Hey Pastor Mark,
I love the feeling of accomplishment too! Also, love your fish count! It's great.
Hope your Tuesday is as good as your MOnday!

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