Children's Ministry Facility Expansion

Yesterday, the congregation voted overwhelmingly to move forward with the building project to provide more space for our children's ministry. It's reallly needed -- amd will help us tremendously as we continue to reach out to the rising generation.


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Economy must not be tooooo bad!
Mark O Wilson said…
As far as the economy goes, we're holding our own. We have built up a fund of just over $200,000 over recent years for facility expansion. The total project will run between $300,000 to $350,000.
We will be able to hire on our members who are in the building industry. Some folks are donating labor and machinery. Some can't give money, but they can give effort. Others are in a place to contribute financially. All in all, it will work out just fine.
happy haywardite said…
God's economy isn't restrained by practicality or future fears! That isn't to say we can be careless here but there is a need, and there is a way!
Anonymous said…
Yes Mark, I agree with you. It will work out just fine. Being an old-timer I can say the same about the good old USA.

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