Construction Updates

Construction Updates For Hayward Wesleyan Church Children's Ministry Facility Expansion. Special thanks to Schmitz Excavating who donated all the excavation work.
(Thanks Jeremy for putting up the pictures so everybody can follow the progress!)


Anonymous said…
"thanks to Schmitz Excavating who donated all the excavation work"

Several years ago, my wife's family donated the excavating work to the Church we grew up in.

Churches and their boards seem glad to accept the free donations they feel entitled to because God has blessed them.

Sadly in our case the same people who took the free donation judge and do not want to accept the family who made the gracious gift.

It took me several years before I realized the true Christian generosity of this gift from a family who was not and never will be accepted.

God has generously blessed this family even though it was not done through our childhood Church.

Sam Wilson
Mark O. Wilson said…
Hey big bro! Thanks for commenting. I am so glad to hear from you.

I'm saddened about what happened in that troubling situation, and deeply appreciate the reminder that churches need to live by the adage, "it is more blessed to give than to receive."

My deep prayer is that the love and value our church adds to people's lives far outweigh anything they happen to contribute.

My other thought is that we all need to follow God's leading, and do whatever He tells us to do. If our efforts are not appreciated, or if we're not accepted -- at least we know we did what we felt was right -- and God honors that, regardless of how the receipents respond.

Ken Schmitz is a wonderful man who loves God, believes in the mission of our church, and has a special place in his heart for young people. My prayer is that we will be an even greater blessing to him than he has been to us, and that the addition will bless many children in our community for years to come.
Anonymous said…
I sincerely hope that Ken Schmitz continues to be loved and appreciated more for being one of God's children than the fact of what he has to donate to the church. That you Mark for believing that way.

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