Reverend Andi

Congratulations to my good friend, Andi Wittwer, who was installed last Sunday as the pastor of the Woodland Wesleyan Church.

Andi has cut back her work schedule (managing at Hardware Hank) to four days a week (ten hour shifts) so she can have both Wednesdays and Sundays off in order to pastor this little northwoods congregation.
Her husband (and my barber) Ron, is a kind and loving man. He has overwhelmingly supportive of Andi's calling and is her number one cheerleader.

The good folks in the Danbury area are in for a real treat -- and lots of faith adventures! God is going to do some special things through this beautiful couple.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations Andi!!!

From the brief Biography it is apparent that this couple is not afraid to work. With these kind of work ethics along with a love of God, they will be successful in this new challenge.
Anonymous said…
Wow, Mark you are such a nice guy. We are so excited to work at Woodland which is a delightful and welcoming community. People have told me that there is nothing in that neck of the woods but I want to inform you that it is teeming with friends! I plan to find them all as soon as possible. Andi
Anonymous said…
Ron, is a kind and loving man.

When Ron cuts hair,
The words he says and the love he gives has just as big(sometimes bigger)impact on all he comes in touth with.

Good luck to both of you.
Anonymous said…
I agree with anonymous III. What Ron does on a daily basis will be a great ministry. In fact, what Andi does outside the church will influence the community more than her preaching.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to Andi and Ron. You are going to be a valuable addition to that community.

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