All in the Family

Ryan led worship at church yesterday, and Luke, Wes and Hannah served together with him on the team. It blesses my heart to see my kids serving the Lord with gladness.


Anonymous said…
What a wonderful feeling Mark! There is nothing that makes parents so content as to watch their kids serve their Lord. My desire is that each and every parent has this opportunity.KW
Anonymous said…
I saw the pictures on Facebook and thought it was great that your kids were doing that. Have a great day
Nellie Dee said…
OH - I'm so glad you posted this. I want them to lead worship every week. Seriously! I was so blessed! I told your daughter, but I'm glad to have a public place to let my voice be heard.
Anonymous said…
It really is a blessing when you watch you kids move to a deeper level with the Lord. My two daughters Val and Lindsey 15, 16, are writing lesson plans and running the back room “children’s church’ during our Sunday service. They told me that they love doing it and the kids also like them. It has really made a difference for them., something way better then attending the youth group at other churches. In 6 weeks their group has grown from 1 to 6! Great is the Lord!

Steve Wiehl

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