Monday, August 10, 2009

Back in the Saddle

It feels like forever since I've posted daily here at Revitalize Your Church. The last couple of weeks have kept me occupied from morning to night -- first, speaking at Beulah Holiness Camp, and then, teaching FLAME Courses (Evangelism and Church Leadership) at Frankfort, Indiana.

A real highlight was the arrival of my family in Frankfort early last week. What a joy for them to share in the FLAME experience -- and they were sad when it ended.

A couple of days ago, we celebrated Cathy's parents' Golden Anniversary -- 50 years! Friends and relatives came from all over the country to share in their joy -- and the program was filled with "the sound of music!" I am amazed at the tremendous musical talent God gave to the family. I lucked out by marrying in!

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