FLAME Courses

I've been teaching FLAME (Ministerial Training) Courses in Frankfort, Indiana this week. It's been a great week so far -- with tomorrow being the last day.

The first half of the week, I taught Church Leadership, and now, I'm teaching Evangelism.

This afternoon, my class of 30 students along with 30 additional teens , went out into the community to be a blessing. We went in groups of 3-5 people, and everyone returned rejoicing as they reported everything that had happened.

Altogether, they prayed with 125 people and one horse.

It's been wonderful having Cathy, Luke, Wes and Hannah here with me. There are 290 attending this FLAME, making it the largest one in history. Dr. JoAnne Lyon spoke this morning, and inspired everybody. I also had the privilege of meeting a new friend, Dave Ward, who is a brilliant scholar -- professor at Indiana Wesleyan University, who is also finishing his PhD at Princeton.


scott said…
I attended FLAME last week and it was incredible. I attended Pastoral Counseling and Evangelism and Church Health. Both classes were excellent. Mark, evangelism was an eye opener for me. The trip into Frankfort really gives meaning to the Great Commission. Evangelism is not difficult, one just needs to go do it. I appreciate the time you give to teaching new Pastors. PS. The post Class assignments are on the way... Ha

Thanks and God Bless
C. Scott Ritz

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