Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nines Conference

This is just amazing!!

Leadership Network and Catalyst are presenting wonderful Online Conference for Church Leaders -- "The Nines"

Leadership Network asked some of the church's greatest communicators: "Ifyou had nine minutes to talk one-on-one with thousands of church leaders, what is the one thing that you would tell them?

The result is a series of passionate and personal messages that will help you and your church navigate into the future.

It will be on September 9 -- starting at 9:09 (Central).

There's quite an impressive lineup, and it's FREE!! You do need to register, however.

I think every pastor could benefit from this excellent leadership development opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark!

Lioness said...

Because I have to work that day, I checked into it, and we can see it later, but we still need to sign up at the website.