Stop Worrying and Start Living!

Stop worrying and start living!

Worry is not a new problem for the human race. It’s been around from the very beginning.

In the early 1600’s, Francis de Sales made the following observations about the nature of worry. I found it to be a source of refreshing encouragement – just as good for today as 400 years ago.

Stop worrying.
Whatever it is that you must do to follow the path that God has shown you,
Do the best of your ability.
And when you have done it, move on to the next thing.

Don’t keep re-running it in your mind, trying to decide
whether your efforts were too little or too much.
whether it was a great deed or a small one.
whether you might have done better.

If it wasn’t sinful and you were trying to do the will of God,
It is enough.

Don’t worry. Move on.
Simply. Calmly. Peacefully.

Follow the path the Lord shows you, free from anxiety.
Otherwise, your anxiety will undermine your efforts to grow.

If you do fail, don’t let anxiety overcome you.
But admit your failure quietly, humbly, and in God’s presence.

Then, get on with following the path that God will continue to show you.


busere said… that right!
Anonymous said…
I am often surprized at how God turns my worries into constructive activities when I let Him take over. If I am His hands and feet, the hours seem pleasantly endless and the work is enjoyable. Living each day working with Him is a joy I can't express.
Andi Wittwer
Anonymous said…
Yesterday I was walking and worried about someone who is fighting for his life...I was so worried and fretful. God made it clear to me that if I truley trusted in Him that I could pass that worry on and trust in His I read your message it becomes even more clear that I need to trust and not worry. Thanks...

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