Which Critic?

From Seth Godin's business blog

Some critics matter.
Some are merely loud
Others are just difficult. . .

The challenge is in figuring out which kind of critic is worth paying attention to as you create your product or service. In a business to business setting, pleasing the gatekeeper and the bill payer is essential. On the other hand, pleasing an angry blogger might not matter at all.

In our desire to please everyone, it's very easy to end up being invisible or mediocre.


Cora White said…
Excellent point. For customer service reasons listening to the angry blogger might be a good idea. I do see the take for the pastors with this thought though.
Anonymous said…
Pastors and all leaders have to be careful. How often do they please the ones who control the money and forget that the most important one to please is God.

Each of us have to be true to ourselves. I have to live with myself 24 hours a day, 7 days each and every week. I should not lower my standards to please others, but I should be willing to listen. Perhaps I could learn something!
Anonymous said…
My wife came rushing in to the church last Saturday where I was doing some sheetrocking.. A lady entered in and as I began to speak with here.. my wife informed me that she had just made a nice donation to the building fund… I was glad that I could respond “ I was already being nice to her”
If you can just pretend that everyone is giving and excited about the what we are doing.. it is easy to be nice… :)
S Wiehl
Anonymous said…
S. Wiehl

Good Point.

We of course should be nice to everyone. It should not matter to us how much they are doing/giving. Perhaps they are doing more than the rest of us. They just do not need to be recognized/honored.

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