A, B, C's of Positive Living

A – Attitude determines altitude.
B – Be kind and gracious.
C – Consider the consequences before you act.
D -- Don’t be anybody but yourself.
E -- Enthusiasm makes the difference.
F -- Forgive all who offend you, and release all bitterness.
G -- Give joyfully and generously.
H -- Honestly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.
I – Instead of complaining about a problem, do something about it.
J -- Joy = Jesus first, Others Second, You Third.
K -- Keep away from people and habits that drag you down.
L -- Live today, refusing to carry yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s fears.
M -- Make the most of every opportunity.
N -- Never reject a hurting friend.
O -- Organize your calendar around your values and priorities.
P -- Plan carefully and pray continually.
Q -- Quitting is seldom the answer.
R – Read and apply the Bible daily.
S – Stop and rest when you are weary.
T – Think positive, faith inspiring thoughts.
U -- Undertake a mission greater than yourself.
V -- Value precious moments and true friends.
W -- Worry has never solved a problem.
Y -- You are responsible for your own life, actions and decisions. Don’t fall into the blame game.
Z -- Zip your lip if you don’t have something good to say.


Anonymous said…
I enjoyed your alphabet tidbits for positive living. J -- for some reason really spoke to me.

Jesus first, Others Second, You Third.

This one seems to give people the most trouble. Even though many Christians have no trouble putting Jesus first, they certainly have a problem putting others before themselves.

Of course I see it throughout the world, but what bothers me the most is when I see it so rampant in our churches.

Many think it is ME BEFORE OTHERS. For example I have noticed how selfish our church members are

First in line at a church buffet
First to grab the best pew
First to want the best position
First to want others to do the so-called low status, undesirable jobs
First to want his/her way
First to want to be recognized
First to ignore all visitors
First to get the best parking spot
First to gossip about someone new
First to promote their own kids
First to feel they are entitled to special treatment
First to feel that God is using others to bless them when God wants to use them to bless others

You often talk about first impressions that are made about a church, especially the first visit. I think the first impression comes as one passes by a church or definitely as one enters the parking lot.

Nothing is as welcoming as having a convenient visitor's parking spot. A welcoming in the parking lot before one even enters the church. Many of our churches have reserved spots for the Pastor and others whom are deemed important. Who could be more important than an unsaved visitor?

My goal and prayer for today is that I put others before myself.
JENNL said…
This is great, Pastor Mark! I think I will post it around my house to see the reminders every day.

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