The Book that Made America

Revisionists, in recent years, have neutered American history -- cutting away anything that speaks of our Christian heritage. For the sake of politically correctness, references to the Bible, Jesus Christ, and God, have been mostly eliminated from history curriculum.

This is astounding, when one considers the important role Christianity played in the founding of our nation.

Jerry Newcombe attempts to set the record straight with The Book That Made America: How the Bible Formed Our Nation.

Newcombe, who is stepping in to fill the empty shoes left by the late D. James Kennedy (the OTHER Kennedy who passed away recently) does an outstanding job demonstrating that the Bible was viewed as a central and common authority by our founding fathers.

Citing the charters from ALL the American colonies, quotes from numerous presidents (including several inspirational words from George Washington), founding documents of the earliest American Universities, and the lessons from the New England Primer, Newcombe shows that every aspect of society in America's early years was literally saturated with Scripture.

Newcombe also makes a compelling case that the Bible-based covenants of the Puritans served as forerunners to the United States Constitution.

This is an excellent resource for Christian parents (and teachers) who want to make sure the true story is told.

The best chapter, I believe, is when he answers the question, "Where Did We Go Wrong?" I was wondering the same question myself!

"If American democracy is to remain the greatest hope of humanity, it must contine abundantly in the faith of the Bible." -- Calvin Coolidge

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