A Heart's Cry

I think your heart will be touched by this beautiful poem, written by my friend, Michelle Meade (Creator of Remember Me Jewelry.)

A Heart's Cry
many a tear, many a sigh
times of wondering, questioning why
is there purpose in the pain?
will the sun come out again?
all i see is steady rain
hear this faint heart up above
hear me calling out to ~ Love

Love's Response
yes, My love you'll fly again
higher and farther than you've ever been above the mist of the past you'll soar with Me, free at last don't give up, don't give in keep the ground your standing in I'm right here next to you holding you up, seeing you through with every breath Trust in Me with every step, press closer to Me look for the rainbow in the rain and hear Love calling out your name...
"Beloved, you are Mine."


Anonymous said…
This is beautful

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