He's Baaack!

Yippee!! My dear friend and mentor, Keith Drury is back in the saddle again, cranking out his weekly columns, after his annual summer hiatus. I always look forward to reading his weekly insights and inspirations.

His two latest posts:
Over two decades ago, Keith had a profound influence on a growing group of youth workers who dubbed themselves "The Cadre." I was privileged to be a part of that special movement, which truly shaped my course of life and ministry.
Through monthly mailings and yearly gatherings, Keith challenged us to live 100% for Christ, to develop our leadership skills, and to really love the people we serve.
Today, many of the most influential leaders across the Wesleyan Church have emerged from from this movement.
It's mind boggling to think of the enormous impact Keith has made. Through the leaders he inspired and discipled,he has literally impacted millions of lives around the world. Amazing!!
Thanks, Keith, for investing your life in us! You have truly made a difference,


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