If God is Good

Randy Alcorn has done it again!
First he tackled the touchy subject of money (The Treasure Principle), then he addressed the mysterious subject of the afterlife (Heaven.) Now, he's taking on the problem of evil and suffering (If God is Good.)

With his clear and simple style, Alcorn takes the reader through the baffling maze of why bad things happen to us. He addresses such issues as sin, natural disasters, God's sovereignty, free will, the nature of evil, and how to handle the "why" question.
Usually, when people wade into these waters, their answers are less than satisfacory. Alcorn fares better than most in this regard. Even when he's attempting to explain the unexplainable, he makes good sense for the most part.

He includes an insightful case study of Bart Erhman, the "Christian" who lost his faith, and lived to tell the whole world about it.

I especially appreciated how he addressed the false "quick fix" solutions to the problem of evil:
1. That God's Power is limited
2. That God's Knowledge is limited.
3. That God's Goodness is limited.
4. That God's Love is limited.

Any assumption that limits God brings us to the wrong conclusion about Him. He is limitless!

If God is Good is a great read -- especially for people who are struggling to find faith in the face of suffering.


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