The Scripture Way of Salvation

Look for it then every day, every hour, every moment! Why not this hour? This moment?

Certainly, you may look for it now, if you believe it is by faith. And by this token, you may surely know whether you seek it by faith or by works.

If by works, you want something to be done first, before you are sanctified. You think I must first be or do thus or thus. Then you are seeking it by works unto this day.

If you seek it by faith, you may expect it as you are; and if as you are, then expect it now!

It is importance to observe that there is an inseperable connection between these three points:
1) Expect it by faith
2) Expect it as you are
3) Expect it now

To deny one of them is to deny them all.
-- John Wesley, Sermon Forty Three, "The Scripture Way of Salvation"


Nellie Dee said…
Thank you. I wrote that in my journal so I can let that sink deeper into my soul!

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