The Stranger

"The Stranger" is back!!
Pistol packin', Bible quotin' Chief Marshal, John Brockman, is once again pursuing the bad guys in Al & Joanna Lacy's latest western, Deadlock.

The Lacy's give us a fun read (for folks who like this genre) -- full of non-stop adventure. It's kind of like reading a Christianized version of Zane Gray or Louis L'Amour. (I have to admit, I like L'Amour much better -- but his heroes don''t share the Gospel with every villian.)
Though the outcomes are rather predictable (in the same manner as Gunsmoke or Bonanza), the plot brings new twists and turns all along the trail.

This edition of "The Stranger" series (Book 2) brings Marshal Brockman face to face with the terrible outlaw Zarbo brothers, and the danger truly hits home.


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