Tenure and Viability

Here's an insightful post from George Bullard, regarding how the average tenure of members in a congregation determines the chances its future viability:

Your congregation is more likely to exist ten years from now if the average tenure of membership or regular attendance of the active congregation is less than 15 years. If it is 15 to 25 years then its future vital existence is marginal to uncertain. When the average tenure is more than 25 years the long-term future vitality and even existence of the congregation is in doubt.

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Anonymous said…
An insight I agree with. If the average tenure is more than 25 years, those long term members ought to ask themselves what they are doing to drive new people away. Could it be a control issue?
Anonymous said…
For my church the ones of 25 plus years tell people that it is there church. As in they literly own it. So much so that the reputation in our community is that it is there properity.

They are running people away as fast as God brings them in.
Anonymous said…
Second anonymous.

Very well said. I also have been associated with a church which has become

The Church of Smith
The Church of Jones
The Church of Miller

Names have been changed to protect the guilty. Of course they would not recognize themselves because they definitely feel, and even say, they have the utmost right to control the church.

Anonymous 3

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