To the Ends of the Earth!!

Rachel Skime, who is a member of the Hayward Wesleyan Church family, is teaching school this year in the remote coastal village of Quinhagak, Alaska (pop. 555.)

And here I thought Hayward, Wisconsin was what Jesus meant when he said we should go to the "ends of the earth."

I recently learned that Rachel and a few friends gather at her home and listen to the Hayward Wesleyan sermons online. Just think -- a baby church in Quinhagak! (Where two are three are gathered. . .)

A week ago, during the worship service, I prayed for Rachel and her friends -- using Isaiah 35 as the prayer guide.

Later, I discovered that the prayer came at the exactly the right time -- just when she needed it the most!

Rachel posted about it here on her blog: Alaska At Last


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