You Were Born for This

Bruce Wilkinsson has written a new book, You Were Born for This, which is absolutely transformational!

The basic idea is that God invites us to join Him on his Miracle Mission in the world. If we make ourselves available, the Holy Spirit will guide us to people who need a special blessing. This often happens through the most unexpected encounters. We have to always be open, with the radar on!

Anyone can do a good deed -- but some good works can only happen by an act of God -- and He can act through us!

With inspiring personal stories, Wilkinson provides a step by step guide for joining the Miracle Mission. What a joy!! What a journey!! This book is a good reminder that God REALLY DOES work "that way!"

Upon reading the book, I've tried some of the things he suggests -- and was blown away by the results. Good stuff!


Nellie Dee said…
Like what? I want to hear more!

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