Is This Why They Grow?

Pastor Daron Lindemann, A Wisconsin Synod Lutheran pastor, was quoted a couple of years ago in a Milwaukee Magazine article about the 50th aniversary of 7000 member Elmbrook Church:

"In some ways, I'm jealous. But let's be honest. Nondenominational churches have a -- I don't want to say diluted -- but a broader belief system, so you can appeal to more people. . . Catholics and Lutherans have a specific belief system that appeals to a narrower base."

Do you agree with Pastor Lindemann? Is a broad belief system the primary reason megachurches grow?


Anonymous said…
I would tend to agree with that. People today are maybe less inclined to believe and trust in anything than they were 30-40 years ago. If a church makes you feel welcome as you are (as opposed to being in need of immediate salvation or repentance--or it's all just too unfamiliar)you're probably more likely to stick around, and invite others. I think the broader belief system is, for many, the path to deeper discipleship and genuine truth-seeking.

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