A Powerful Prayer Pattern

A couple of weeks ago, I suggested a pattern for prayer in the worship services, using five points that all start with the letter "F" (one for each finger!)

Since then, several people have asked me for them again -- so here they are:

1. Focus: Tune your mind and heart into God -- His greatness, His depth, His love, His grace. What about distractions? Here's an idea: capture the distracting thoughts and turn them into prayers! (A friend also suggested writing the prayers as a way to deal with distractions -- you don't go on rabbit trails quite so much when writing it down.)

2. Faith: As we recognize the mighty power of God, it brings faith to the praying!
Faith, as Corrie Ten Boom said is: "Fantastic Adventures in Trusting Him!"

3. Forgiveness: Search your heart. Ask God to cleanse your heart of anything wrong, and to heal you of anything broken. Open your heart to forgive those who have wronged you.

4. Filling: Seek the fullness of Christ's presence -- the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Don't just ask for things. Ask for Him! Don't just ask Him to "come through for you" but ask Him to come ("maranatha")

5. Flowing: "Send me!" Prepare your heart to go out and be a blessing to others -- bringing love, grace, hope, encouragement. "Flow through me, Lord. Flow through me."
Also, some time ago, my dear friend and prayer partner, Judy Gorud, taught me a wonderful way to bless loved ones via prayer:
B -- Body (for strength, stamina, health and healing)
L -- Livelihood (school, work, details of the day)
E -- Emotional (dealing with the issues of life)
S -- Social (relationships)
S-- Spiritual (love for God and spiritual growth)


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