We were honored to have Dr. Ronald B. Allen as our guest speaker at Hayward Wesleyan Church this past Sunday morning. Dr. Allen is an Old Testament scholar and Bible translator, who teaches at Dallas Theological Seminary.

He was one of the senior editors of the New King James Version of the Bible, the Old Testament editor for the Nelson Study Bible, and the Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Commentary.

Dr. Allen shared a rich exposition of Psalm 40. He unpacked the passage -- line upon line -- precept upon precept -- and opened up some tremendous insights none of us had ever seen before. (Waiting, I waited on the Lord.)

Bible scholars are reputed to be as dry as yesterday's toast -- but this was certainly not the case with Dr. Allen. He's not dry at all -- but juicy!
Dr. Allen is a gracious and gentle servant, with a heart flowing over with love for the Lord and His people.
It was truly a blessing to have him with us, and to sit under his teaching.


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