Tim Keller on Willow Creek

It's great to see that the Missional Manhattan Presbyterian, Tim Keller has started blogging! I have appreciated the depth of Keller's insights into reaching the rising generation.

His first post is an astute analysis of Willow Creek's approach to ministry, in light of John Frame's "tri-perspectivalim:

The Willow Creek style churches have a 'kingly' emphasis on leadership, strategic thinking, and wise administration. The danger there is that the mechanical obscures how organic and spontaneous church life can be.

The Reformed churches have a 'prophetic' emphasis on preaching, teaching, and doctrine. The danger there is that we can have a naïve and unBiblical view that, if we just expound the Word faithfully, everything else in the church -- leader development, community building, stewardship of resources, unified vision -- will just happen by themselves.

The emerging churches have a 'priestly' emphasis on community, liturgy and sacraments, service and justice. The danger there is to view 'community' as the magic bullet in the same way Reformed people view preaching.


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