Two Ways to Heaven?

A dear friend , pulled me aside yesterday, and said a lady from her former church called with a grace concern:

"Are you sure you want to go to that Wesleyan Church? I've heard Pastor Mark preaches that there are two ways to get into heaven."

"How should I respond to this?" my friend asked.

I replied, "Wow, I can't believe they're accusing me of this! Only two? Why, I can think of FOUR ways to get to heaven!!"

1) Die

2) Be like Enoch and walk so close to God that He takes you home without death. (Of course, this has only happened once in history, so the odds aren't too great.)

3) Jesus returns gloriously and brings his children home to heaven.

4) Open up your heart and receive the fullness of Christ and the Holy Spirit -- and you will experience a little bit of heaven on earth.


Ryan said…
I like this. Good job.
I think the lady had it right the first time. All are going to die, but not all who die are going to heaven. And not all who are alive when Jesus returns will be part of the Rapture. In both cases, you need a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus as savior. Which means there are only two ways to get to heaven - die as a believer, or be caught up like Enoch or in the rapture.
Anonymous said…
I like your last one Mark. I am totally content with my little bit of heaven here on earth. It is impossible to imagine how much greater Heaven will actually be.

The only way to get there is to put God first, others second, and yourself last.

So many fail because they put themselves first. Many Christians have a superiority complex that makes them think they are better than others and always deserve to be FIRST!

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