Comfort Zone

Simply to enclose oneself in "the given" is no glory to God. It is an evasion of life and of growth, a hiding your light under the bushel.

-- Thomas Merton, A Vow of Conversation (p. 24)


busere said…
AMEN to that! How amazing would the Kingdom be, if all those that follow Christ would get out of their "Box" and do something?!
Dave said…
I hear what you are saying, and I agree 100%. The problem I face is knowing how far out of the box is too far. It is easy to get burned by our society and culture by trying to do the "right" thing sometimes.
Anonymous said…
Yes it is Dave! I know what you mean. But this goes along with the later post after this one.

I would rather see someone like you who is willing to get out of the box and do something (even if you get burned from time to time) than the typical selfish Christian who only thinks about himself or his own little group with tunnel vision.
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