Holy Candidness

My blogger buddy, Mark Batterson shared some powerful insights from his recent staff retreat.

Most of our ministries get stuck at the point where we're less than honest. We aren't willing to verbalize or confront an issue because it might hurt someone's feelings. That is where a ministry will stop growing. . . You have to cut through the issues to get to the heart of the matter.


James Monson said…
This is so true. I have recently encountered a situation where bad behavior was ignored because the parent might be offended. There are committees and ministries that have lost their focus and wonder aimlessly, but no one wants to rock the boat.

This kind of thinking leads to mediocrity and ineffectiveness. It also turns people who want to make a difference away from serving.

I could say much more, but to summarize, I think satan is getting a good laugh. It's time to name the elephant an elephant, and get it out of the room.
Anonymous said…
YES, YES, YES James Monson,

We have dealt with the same thing. If someone rocks the boat at our church, they are thrown overboard. We have watched horrible things ignored at our church, things that public schools would not tolerate, just so one of the main families or pastor's family would not be hurt. BUT they are hurting so many and turning so many away.

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