I Love it When God Does Things Like This!

Last August, when teaching FLAME Courses in Frankfort, Indiana, I met a wonderful brother, Dr. Thuam Khai, who is providing leadership for the Burmese Bible College in Syracuse, New York.
After classes, Brother Thuam needed transportation to Chicago, Providentially, I was heading the same direction myself, so I gave him a lift.

While we travelled, he told me about a small group of Burmese believers in Milwaukee, that needed an affiliation.
Through this Divine appointment, the wheels began to roll.
I helped Brother Thuam connect with our Wisconsin District Superintendent, Dan Bickel -- and last week, they all met together to begin the groundwork for a brand new Burmese Wesleyan Church!


Rachel said…
Pastor Mark! I totally agree. God appointments like these remind us who is totally in control of our schedules! We just have to be willing to show up because He's already there. Glad you had that moment. Thanks for sharing and encouraging. Rachel
busere said…
That is so AWESOME!!! It's so cool to see God at work!

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