The Sabbath Demise

Found an interesting Wall Street Journal article a while back about the demise of Sabbath Keeping in America.

Sundays changed when the world changed. Stopping farming in the Middle Ages was easy. But to close restaurants, shut up amusement parks or clear the airwaves when Americans with money were trying to spend it that day was impossible.


njc said…
Great article. I remember well when Sunday was indeed the Sabbath. Here in Hayward, until around the late 60's, no stores were open except some gas stations, Inhoff's drug store, and Laska's (they sold a few groceries). Even if you weren't a church-goer, you knew Sunday was different from all other days of the week. There were no community or sports events scheduled for Sunday mornings as I recall.

Although I usually pick up a few groceries after church, I always feel as though I'm only contributing to what has made this an ordinary day in our society. When I make a purchase, I'm requiring someone else to work instead of worship.
Anonymous said…
What about all us church members, pastors included, who eat out on Sundays? Would it be better if we invited those restaurant workers to our homes for a good Sunday home-cooked meal? Of course, that would take effort on our part.

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