Monday, December 14, 2009

40 Loaves

I recently had the privilege of reading a delightful little devotional book, 40 Loaves, by C. D. Baker. (A sample copy was provided for review by the publisher.)

It's a 40 day discipleship journey, for those who are hungry for more than the stale crusts the world has to offer.

Through a series of thought provoking questions, Baker challenges the reader to dig deeper spiritually and emotionally.

Each chapter heading is a question, such as the following:

Why can't I overcome sin in my life?
Why are my feelings hurt so easily?
Why don't I know what I want in life?
Why am I so desperate to be understood?
Why am I stuck in the past?
Why do I always feel exhausted?
Why have I stopped dreaming?

The answers, though brief, provide excellent insights and each chapter concludes with a list of " food for thought" questions for further personal reflection.

40 Loaves would make an outstanding Lenten resource for congregations or individuals.

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