Blind Side Take Home Points

My friend, Shawn Cossin, posted some excellent reflections upon viewing the Blind Side (which our family greatly enjoyed when we saw it last Saturday.) Good stuff!

Shawn's take home points:
1. Practice More than you Preach.
2. Walk the Walk
3. Do Something

He also threw in a few challenging questions for personal consideration:

- Am I living safe or sent?
- Do I have more than I need?
- Am I giving just enough or what I can?
- What limits have I put on loving people?
- Who do I know that I can help?
- Whose life will be changed because I loved them?
- Am I making the most of every opportunity? [Colossians 4:5]


Keetha Broyles said…
I want to see this movie, but don't really want to spend all that time in a theater, so I'm waiting for the DVD to come out - - - -

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